Dark Angel Helios (黒き天使 ヘリオス Kuroki tenshi heriosu) is Carl Clover after he was awoken as a Demigod (デミゴド Demigodo) in Light, Dark & Azure. And is the great wielder of a Dark Arch-Enemy Event Weapon - Machine Demon: Thanatos and God's Flaming Sword: Homura.

Appearance Edit

Helios shares the same appearance with Carl, but has different coloring. He has scarlet red eyes with white little pupils, higher class, London-style outfit with long black sleeves, ending in red cuffs, and red shorts. These are accompanied with red military style boots which end in steel toecaps, a gentlemen's red top hat which covers his head, and a short red cape which is attached to his body by a metal fixture in the shape of an 'X' and has a sort of crimson cowbell hanging from it.

Personality Edit

Unlike Carl, Helios is quite cold-hearted and mischief, sometimes quiet. He never takes orders from anyone else but his master, Laharl. He doesn't like Yoshino at first, but he begins to trust her since she's inhuman, due to the fact that Yoshino begged him to take her with him and then promised him that she'll leave him alone for a while until he needs her.

Helios may be evil, but with the help of Yoshino, he had gain some kindness to his heart. he's also sometimes seductive around Yoshino. However, His intimate feelings for her are somehow a secret to those who don't know about it. He's also a yandere for Yoshino's affection.

History Edit

In netherworld, a demigod potion was created by Laharl, Etna and Flonne. this potion was made to turn humans into the strongest and deadly demigods. The demigod potion is the netherworld's masterpiece. Laharl sent Flonne to the human world to give the demigod potion to someone who is at least a human, Carl Clover. Flonne disguised as a drink seller. She lured Carl to the stand she created and gave him the demigod potion, asking him to drink it. Carl drank the potion. As he drank it, the power of the demigod flowed inside his body. It's called the "Demigod power", or as Laharl liked to call it. "HELIOS". Helios controls Carl's body to kill humans, he then kills gods that show up in the human world, and even collects souls from them. Laharl tests Carl's strength to see if the Demigod power is working perfectly.

After battling Laharl, Carl has finally obtained the Power of the Demigod. He also has a reward from Flonne and Etna. Both Flonne and Etna started a Resonance (Chant to be exact), turning him into a true Demigod. but Carl went unconcious after that. Laharl told Flonne to put him inside the coffin. after a few minutes. Carl had woken up with Helios inside his body. Laharl gave Carl one order. Kill all gods and humans. Carl accepted that order from Laharl.

With Helios inside his body, Carl began killing humans and gods. He then starts collecting more souls from them. After all that, a Demigod has finally awoken. An angel of destruction, the one who brings out the chaos, a killer angel, in the name of an Overlord, must he rid the apocalyptic madness in this unforgiven world. The Dark Angel, Helios is born!

Abilities Edit

Most of Helios' attacks are quite the same as Carl's attacks. however, his special attacks are far different. Helios can summon demons and manipulate darkness, He can even summon the black beast called "nightmare" for massive attacks. He also uses the power of dark seithr to summon blood and even a grim reaper. Accompanied by a dark Nox Nyctores, Diabolus Machina: Thanatos, two of them are a deadly duo. Most of Thanatos' attacks are different from Nirvana's attacks. She slashes the opponent, using her claws, she'll even grab the opponent and pound the to the ground. Thanatos reacts strongly to the dark seithr, other Nox Nyctores or those who have great power.

Trivia Edit

  • Helios shares his name with the sun god.
  • Helios shares the same love interest with Carl, Yoshino.
  • Not only Helios could control Carl's body and kill people, He also eats human flesh.

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